To Avalon Clare

To Avalon Clare!

Merry Christmas!


And A Very Happy And Abundant New Year!

For You Are A Sweet and Lovely Flower!
The Sweetest Flower In The Garden Of Delight!
You Are The Sweetest Nectar Of All The Universe!



You Are Beautiful, Soft and Poetic. A Work of Universal Art! The Universe resides within you! You Are The Joy, Splendor, and Nectar of The Universe. And may the universe look upon you with a smile. And may the Flowers experience you with laughter. May you stand in the center of the Oceans. May the rivers rush to you. And may your heart smile at the admiration of all the universe. May the waves of the waters surround you. May the Stars above celebrate you. May you dance to the rhythms of nature. May Petals of roses be your bed. May all you touch become golden. May your Radiance shine throughout the universe. May you soar on wings like eagles. And when you depart from where you are, LOOK UP! The Stars are watching you. They seek your acknowledgement. The Moon calls out to you. Acknowledge it. The Planets Adore You. Blow a kiss to them.
Picasso, DaVinci, Dega, were not worthy to paint you.
For you, are Art By God!
Exquisite and Magnificent!

(And You Are Truly Much Louder Than Gorgeous!)

There is Great Joy in knowing you. You have always moved and touched me deep. Thank you for your kindness to me, and always making me feel welcome.
You are a Wonderful person, Avalon! Always know this!

There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.