from "Beyond Belief" published by Feedback Books, Copyright 1978
1. Increases Cellular Respiration - When CELLFOOD® is mixed into water, an exothermic reaction takes place providing oxygen and hydrogen to the individual cells of the body. The steady flow of oxygen and hydrogen to all parts of the body allow for simultaneous oxygenation and reduction within the cells.

2. Metabolic Efficiency Catalyst - CELLFOOD® enhances nutrient absorption and increases metabolism. It promotes greater availability of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients.

3. Energy Boosting Properties - CELLFOOD® allows the body to function clean and efficient, resulting in an increased energy level over time.

4. Detoxifies the Body Deeply - After the energy potential in the body is increased, the natural mechanism in the body increases metabolism of waste material out of the body.

5. Balances the Body Metabolism - CELLFOOD® is highly charged electrically and its di-base solution has a bipolar valence, creating a dualistic healing approach to tissue imbalances.

6. Colloidal Minerals - The minerals contained in CELLFOOD® are in a special colloidal suspension for easier absorption and utilization by the body.

7. Special Ionic Form - Because the elements in CELLFOOD® are in a special ionic state, they are readily absorbed by the body.