It is my hope that by now, you have come to learn JUST HOW POWERFUL A PRODUCT CELLFOOD® IS, and how important it can be in your daily health plan. Many consider CELLFOOD®, Life Insurance in a Bottle!

In the following paragraphs you will begin to realize why the US. Congress refers to Cellfood® as "Liquid-Life".
This powerful supplement is thousands of times more advanced than most of today's nutritional science and supplements. (Even though it is recently celebrated it's 50th Anniversary.)

It has already enhanced the lives of thousands of people, and is being sold all over the world. There are environmental variations of this product cleaning public water systems, private septic systems, balancing the ground for high yield growth of healthy vegetation, and simply making people and their surroundings healthy again.

Antioxidants Promote Longer, Healthier, Higher Quality Lives? ...

The Experts all agree, Absolutely!

So, why not be sure your antioxidant is the best your hard earned money can buy? Only Cellfood® can offer you this. Why is Cellfood® better? Here's food for thought; everything you consume, other than hydrogen, becomes a free radical or toxin or both, once the electron has been used or spent, even oxygen. Now the body, especially the liver, has to process these dangerous free radicals!

It is believed by most health and nutritional experts that 90% of all disease can be attributed to poor liver functioning. The liver is overloaded! Easy to understand, with the overload of toxins in our environment, additives in our foods, chemicals in our homes and work places, pharmaceutical drug intake, etc, etc. Now look at CELLFOOD®!

Cellfood® has the unique ability to create nascent oxygen and nascent hydrogen by splitting the body's water molecules at a cellular level. As the body uses the components of Cellfood®, the Cellfood® itself creates its own recycling plant. It creates oxygen and hydrogen as a by-product, instead of free radicals, and this results in an additional oxygen source at a cellular level! Pretty ingenius! This is why the inventor, Everett Storey, a two-time Nobel Laureate, was credited by Albert Einstein in his water-splitting technology.


In 1985 US Congress released this technology better known as Deuterium Sulphate, to become available to the public, rather than a drug/patented medicine. As they stated, "Deutrosulfazyme is a systemic normalizer. No wonder it is called "Liquid Life" as well as "Cellfood".

Let's go a bit further. By Cellfoods® ability to create nascent oxygen and nascent hydrogen, we now have an additional oxygen source for - additional energy! This is extremely valuable and important to us, on a cellular level.

80% of our body's energy source originates from the oxygen in our body. If you are tired, mentally fatigued, you are probably oxygen deficient. Statistics state that most of us are. Cellfood® creates more oxygen to be available, while making the oxygen that we already have, by way of the water in our cells, now available to us, safely. Only on demand by our body's need on a cellular level.

Another amazing fact, most bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens that contribute to disease are anaerobic and cannot live in high levels of oxygen. "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes, but there is only one prime cause . . . The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anerobic cell respiration". (Dr. Otto Warburg 1932, Two-time Nobel Laureate Winner of the Nobel Prize for Cancer Research)

We also have the most powerful free radical scavenger known on this planet. Cellfood® literally goes out on a "search and destroy" mission in our body to invade these dangerous culprits, neutralize them, then creating more energy within our cells, rather than more free radicals. It is our liver's best friend!

Cellfood® doesn't stop there. It also delivers in a full aqueous solution, over 78 trace colloidal minerals, 35 enzymes (metabolic and digestive!)and 17 amino acids! All ionic in form, and absorbable to each and every cell in the body. Only Cellfood® can deliver 95% to 100% absorption, through it's own unique Deuterium Sulphate technology.

When your body has the proper nutritional supporting elements, it can manufacture the necessary vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, etc., for optimum functioning. Cellfood® also helps you absorb up to 5 times more nutrients out of your foods, other supplements, herbs, when taken with them, giving you more mileage for your dollars.

More bonuses; all the dangerous heavy metals have been removed from the trace minerals. Very few companies have gone through the time-consuming expense of this important step. After-all, who needs to supplement with additional lead, cadmium, aluminum? Cellfood is also completely compatible for vegetarians. All of its ingredients are plant or sea based.

The manufacturer of Cellfood® was presented the 1997 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AWARD by The International Hall of Fame, in Atlanta, GA., because of Cellfoods® unique ability to produce both nascent Oxygen and Hydrogen inside the body, resulting in synchronized cleansing and construction of healthy body cells and tissues. Purely stated, "This super-energized colloidal mineral concentrate, capable of holding 78 elements in full solution and delivering them, through ingestion, to every cell in the human body, is an impressive step forward in the field of medicine." Alexander T. Marinaccio -Chairman/Founder - International Hall of Fame.

It has taken a lifetime for your body to realize the state it is at now. In 11 months, each and every cell in your body is reconstituted. What you do starting today will determine the outcome 11 months from now. Making Cellfood® the most important supplement you consume will give you the best jumpstart for a healthier, stronger, more synergistic body and mind.

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